Questions and Answers about BOOK(ART)

1.What is Book(ART)?

BOOK(ART) Authors Rewards Token is the first token on TRON Blockchain to help and support authors and writers by paying them 100% for their e-book sales.

2.What does ART stand for?

ART is an abbreviation for Authors Rewards Token write and its ticker for exchanges.

3.What is the price of ART?

A.On is ICO price of 1 TRX.

4.When are we going to swap our TRC10 tokens for TRC20 tokens?.

In 2019,we will make an announcement regarding the Migration it will be similar to TRON Migration

5.When is the The Dummy Book Network/Beta coming out?


6.Will everyone get TRC20 tokens even the people that are Millionaire and Billionaire BOOK(WRT) HODLERS?

7.What is the difference between the TRC10, TRC20 and Bookcoin?

A.TRC10 is only an ordinary token that isn't customized.

B.TRC20 is the customized token that will be used on The Book Network.

C.After TRON gets congested(time estimated by 2021) the Book Network will be moved to its own Blockchain and have its own native coin which will be Bookcoin.

8.Will BOOK(ART) be added to exchanges?

Yes we're in the process of being added DEXs, exchanges and list of major exchanges.

9.When will the ART DApp be available?

By 2019 its in development now.

10.Will there be another token swap for Bookcoin?

Yes and be similar when TRON issued its own coin.

Any more questions ask in the Telegram group "The Official BookART"